We would like to partner with an outside source to have a back up printing provider for when we are backed up or our printer is down. We do over 5K prints per year but each is unique and would have to send the files over and desire a turn time of less than one week. if you are interested, please reach out so we can start a partnership! thank you! (I have sample files I can send if you are willing to do a prototype run for us).

Hi Simon, We would be happy to collaborate, where are you based?

Hi Simon
I have a Perfactory Micro and run HTM140 and RC90. If I can be of any assistance, I’d be happy to help out.
Best regards
AG Prototypes (UK)

Hi Simon
We are a company based in Budapest. We have more then 20 3D printers, different technologies and 5 3D scanners.
We are interested in collaboration.
Check our website if interested in our capabilities.
We provide wide spectrum of services.

Hi Simon,
We are based in China and provide versatile 3D printing/CNC machining services, we can ship globally with fast turnaround time, feel free to contact us at info@facfox.com :slight_smile: We are happy to collaborate with you!