Hi, I’ve just printed this Marvin with ABS filament, can you guys please give an opinion about the result? I’d highly appreciate suggestions. I printed it with 100 microns layer height, sliced it with Cura and printed with Tevo Tarantula. And one more - is this quality good enough for starting selling on 3d Hubs? Thank you, Dan.


basicly it looks good.

But in detail you can do it better.

I will show you the testprint of my hub.


I’m printing on a Flashforge Dreamer. The Material was white PLA. Layer height 100 microns. Slicer Simplify3D. The point is, that i lowerd the extruder temp. Maybe you give it a try. Also look at the speed and perfect bed leveling.

You can also read this article:


Yes, its in German. But you can use Google Translator :wink:

Happy printing

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Hi, thank you for replying, I will definitely try out your suggestions.

I’m currently printing with ABS filament, do you recommend to use a fan while printing (with 50% pwm)?


the answer is NO.

ABS needs to cool down slow, otherwise it will wrap and other things. To prevent melting better try to reduce the Extruder Temp.


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