Here is what has been going on:

I got this printer for Christmas last year, and me and my dad set it up together. We did it correctly, and it everything was fine except the little black parts (see the first picture) kept popping off. We just ordered new ones, and they worked fine and I printed multiple things perfectly for about 3 and a half months. About a month and a half ago I attempted to print something, but it wasn’t quite right. It was super strange because it had never happened before. I was getting a “distorted” image of what it should of been (extremely stringy and just off). As I attempted to figure out what was wrong I came up with what seemed like a fix, and a printed one semi-ok print. Fast forward to about an hour ago I tried to print something else, and it was a complete mess. Barely any plastic was coming out and when it did it was in random spots. I basically panicked and immediately attempted to unload the filament, but I was met with the realization that the spool had broken and the plastic was stuck in the feeding tube. I moved the spool, and nevertheless clicked “unload filament.” I was met with a grinding sound, and no plastic releasing. I attempted at removing the filament by removing the feeding tube from the extruding end but that didn’t work as I didn’t want to damage anything. I can’t get my hand into the feeding end either. I really just want to fix the printer and none of the online fixes seem to be working. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. I have an XYZ Davinci Jr printer (I know I already said so).