A couple months ago we made Hub Verifications available for a select number of Hubs in the US, Canada, UK and Netherlands. Now that we’ve tested it we’re rolling it out to all Hubs on the platform.

Why do we need Verified Hubs?

Our goal with this update is to increase platform reliability, which is very important to our increasing professional customer base. We see many big companies using 3D Hubs on a regular basis, which is a great achievement for our community! To make sure we can keep growing and attracting more serious customers we need to offer them an increasingly more reliable and trustworthy platform. Verifications will play a big part in this.

Is it required?

Only for new Hubs joining the platform it will be required to complete all verification steps before being able to receive orders. For existing Hubs it’s optional, but we still recommended you to complete verifications to improve your search ranking.

As always we’re looking forward to hearing any issues as well as your feedback on how to improve the platform further!




Hey Brian, does that mean if I don’t complete this new verification I will be lowered in search ranking when a customer makes a search ?

Hi @Xeno, that will be the result if lots other Hubs do verify themselves and you don’t, while verified Hubs get a little push in ranking you would might end up a few spots lower. We’re not lowering Hubs for not verifying, just rewarding Hubs who do.

Does that make sense/answer your question?

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Thank You Brian!, I do have two questions though please, Will the huge increase in hubs verifying ourselves create a delay in our Mail Verification Postcards Arriving? and also in as I am in the middle of the United States how long can I expect to wait on Postcard to arrive in the mail? Also ONE MAJOR DRAWBACK to the phone verification method…I prefer to use my landline for all phone conversations I have, and the system would not allow me to verify my land line, so thus I had to verify a cellphone number that I rarely use/only use for emergencies. Is there another way to verify our landlines as hubs? Thank So Much for all of your time and Brian I really do appreciate all of your time and help!

PS i have only been receiving repeat customers and no new ones since this started, and I was just starting to pick up a decent amount of work :frowning: sad face THANK YOU!

I think it is bad that you have to verify your hub, because the first costumer will verify it…

Hey Iceman24k,

The postcards are being sent out by 2 external services so they should be used to some volume since they are also being used by other big(ger) companies.

As for the phone verification, we did look at verifying with for example voice. However an important use case for the connected phone number is sending you order notification and update texts, which wouldn’t work on landlines, right? For now we first want to see how the adoption is before we dive into more development work. But your feedback is noted :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update!



THANK YOU BRIAN!!! your absolutely right about the phone thing!!! The notifications are AWESOME! I don’t have to check my email all day to make sure I am not missing any orders LOL. Thank You Very Much for your time and help! I really appreciate this! also I am excited about getting verified!YAY, I have been looking forward to this since I signed up! I am also very excited and see this as a positive thing, and a reward! and I so hope it helps us all!

Verification only takes a minute to complete, and the only thing you have to do is enter a very simple 4-digit code that gets sent to you via SMS or postcard.
I personally think that it helps to create a secure environment for the customers, and it seriously is no big trouble.


You’re welcome, happy to hear you like it!

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If someone sends a text to my landline (in the UK) I get a call and then an electronic voice reads out the text. I didn’t know this even existed until recently, as people rarely send sms messaged to my landline, but maybe it’s worth a try. Perhaps your land-line provider does something similar and you aren’t even aware of it like I wasn’t.




That Is Awesome Greg, Thank You Very much for sharing! I will go ahead and check/ that would be way cool/epic if I could get a service like yours! cheers! :slight_smile: thnx

How to upload pictures when I do not have any orders?

You don’t have to upload pictures from customer orders (in fact you can’t unless you get their permission), instead you should upload pictures from past parts you’ve printed, to showcase your quality.

Hello, didn’t want to open a new thread on this topic but I receive my payouts using Paypal but I can’t seem to verify Paypal here on 3DHubs. It says “Please provide valid Paypal details” after I have entered my first name, last name and Email. My Paypal account is 100% verified and I have no problems receiving funds from 3DHubs. Just the verification process is not working. Any tips?

Hi Brian,

That’s good news, but still I’am not able to verify my mobile number, I am in India.


Hi Sandeep, indeed we saw that the text message didn’t get delivered to your number, we’ve seen multiple successful verifications in India already, so it seems to be an exception. We’re working on an alternative way to send the code to you.



Unlike. No mail delivery where I meet my clients, and I’m not going to meet them at the post office where I have a PO Box.

Whatever we build, we know there will always be exceptions. We’ll look into these once the current system is adopted by most Hubs and works without hiccups. Thanks for flagging this use case, it’s noted Stephen.

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Hi Brian, i have started verification process for my hub. There are few problems.

- I have recived postcard from 3D hubs, i want to enter code from the postcard but i can only click to “verify via postcard” button or “edit address” link.

Click to verify probably starts verification proces again so new code is generated and new postcards will be sent. How can i enter verification code?

- few times i have tried to verify mobile number via SMS, but message newer gets to me. Some where after my first regular order, something get wrong with SMS notification. For that firs order i have get SMS notification about new order. For next two orders i did not get SMS, just notification to the email address.

And now SMS for verification does not get to me.

Thank you in advance

Hi Cosmo,

If you email (brian@3dhubs.com) me the code from the postcard we’ll manually verify your address. As for the SMS notification, I’m going to have someone take a look at the logs of our provider to see whats going on.

Thanks for reporting the issues.