First of all you will need to print your object.
for example i made a ring and a necklace with my name printed with my ender 3.
MOLD- to create the mold i used a process that i saw on youtube, which consist in mixing silicon and corn starch.
i put my objects inside the fresh mold and i waited 1/2 hours
MELTING- I melted bullet weights fishing sinkers in a ceramic pottery outside, using camping stove and after the temperature of 350 celsius, 660 fahrenheit easily achievable I casted the metal in the mold.

this was the first try I can certainly make better stuff, and I will try with other metal and maybe gold,
It’s my first post so i can post only 1 image and I had to summarise all the process.
I will make a detailed video on youtube with the explanation of each process.

Really cool project! I saw Punished Props do a similar technique, did you follow their video for this?

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Thank you, no I didn’t know their Channel I’ve Just checked and they have intersting idea, I have to say that I am 16 years old :).

Superb idea and execution with equally great outcomes. What is the 3D printer which you have been using to print in metal? Also, I would be waiting for your 3D printed objects in gold.

Thank You, I didn’t actually printed in metal,I wrote all the procedure in my article