Hello, I would like to get the Fairphone certification badget for my hub. How do I go about doing this? Thank you!


Hey @makersaffair I just saw you asked the question before here, sorry we missed that @Luuk will send you a test order tomorrow if you quality. You need to be in Europe and own a Ulitmaker or Makerbot to qualify. According to your Hub that checks out so I’m looking forward to have you as a Fairphone Hub on 3D Hubs.



Thanks @Brian! Looking forward to be part of the Fairphone case maker! :smiley:

Good luck guys! :wink:

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Hi @makersaffair,

I’ve had a look at your profile, and unfortunately you don’t have the right printer specifications to be eligible for this program. Your Makerbot qualifies, but you don’t have PLA added to it. We only work with Makerbots and Ultimakers for this partnership, and the phone cases can only be printed in PLA.

If you add PLA to you options for the Makerbot, and notify me about it, I will send you the certification order.



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Hi @Luuk,

Thank you for the update! I have just added PLA as an option to my Makerbot. Could you send me the certification order?


Check your printing queue!

Good Luck!

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@Luuk, is it still possible to get on the Fairphone train and also earn this badge? Cheers, Gregor

Why an ultimaker or makerbot? Other printers can do even good if they are dialed in whell enough

a bad maintained ultimaker or makerbot can do worse than a good reprap

why only ultimaker or makerbot? they are not any better tan a good reprap

Hey @Davide_14, you’re right, but that’s the way we set it up back then. Unfortunately it can’t be changed. For any new partnership we will include more printers.



it must be doable… i can understand if fairphone is concerned that the quality will suffer but a testprint would put that in the ground

anyways how many badges are there actually in total? a list somewhere would be nice so we have a single place to look and know how to apply

@ @hannahbi @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cant we just get a complete list of badges somewhere and a link if we want that badge? would be much more simple than people have to beg for it

Hi Luk, is it possible to join the Fairphone program? we would be very happy!!!

Thank you sooo much!



Hi Luuk,

I have an enquiry from a customer who wants to buy two cases from me since the nearest certified hub is too far away. Unfortunately I only own a reprap. Is there any chance to join the program?

Best regards


I’ve printed a couple of cases in Australia, would be nice to have a badge to let others know they can print down under!

Hi @Luuk how can i get badge for fairphone and other types of badge? i got many printer and many materials and i’ll like to get the certification

hi, is there still a chance to get a fairphone-badges?
i got ultimakers and pla. and last week there was a customer with an fairphone-case.
thank you and greetings from dresden!