Ever have those prints that are starting out great and then all of a sudden, a layer just goes wacko. Shit, what do you do now, do you cancel the print, throw away all the material you just used and do it all over? Maybe… But there’s a trick you can use the next time a layer of filament doesn’t land where it was suppose to.

Use double sided tape! I swear to you, I cannot tell you how many prints I have saved because of this inexpensive accessory. I like to watch my prints to see how they start and determine from there if the rest of the print will go smoothly after those few foundation layers. Some times, a corner or a piece doesn’t stick to the bed or the supports didn’t stick properly. Just apply a piece of double sided tape to the void and voila! PLA loves tape! Honestly, they should just have print beds made of double sided tape. Adhesion problem? Never!!!