Hmm. I tried that - the video was helpful, but I guess my file is too big or something? I got this error message…

Probably doesn’t like that your mesh is high poly and not made of quads. Maybe that @Modellus suggested can convert the higher poly designs better?

Is it possible to turn a digital scanned stl model into a solid for machining?. It is full of faceted surfaces.

I know this is a late in the game but I found freecad solutions and such a bit lacking. So I just wrote a direct translator:

It works for my models.

I just found this website here. I tried and it and worked well for me.
They took some days to delivery the file but its ok, its for free anyway.
Hope it can help you …

@BackstreetZAFU other thing you can do is try to simplify the mesh before import into F360 or freecad using meshlab

hi could you write in more detail how to use this please.

In windows command line I should write stltostp <stl_file> <step_file> [ tol ]
can you show the example how to input the file names and what tolerance shall I type in? what are acceptable values?

say in I have file in C:\Users\Tata\Downloads\stl_file.stl

sorry for the late response. I updated the code front page with an example: