So I have been running a fairly successful 3D printed product company for a couple months now. I currently offer several different products all based around a specific market and they are selling pretty well.

So far I have done all the CAD myself which hasn’t been a problem. I am really good with SolidWorks and my designs for the most part have been suited for what SolidWorks can do. There is a more technical side to these parts as they all screw into existing products and need to have specific tolerances and things like threading.

Now though I am looking to expand my current selection with some products that are a bit more… fun… than SolidWorks can offer. I’ve tried learning a few more free form modeling programs like Modo and Maya but my brain has a hard time not working in a precise world like SolidWorks.

So who am I looking for? 3D designers that are skilled in programs like Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, Modo, Zbrush or any other program like that. Looking for people who have a background in more sculptural, free form, modeling.

Also preferably have experience with designing over existing requirements and models. So for example I give you a STEP or whatever might be best for you and in it there is specific parts that must remain the same such as screw locations and holes. If you haven’t done this before or don’t fully understand we can talk about it and maybe do a sample or something.

So what am I looking for? Well this is kind of the fun part. I don’t have any very specific designs in mind. It’s kind of up to you as the designer. There is a very specific market that these are being sold too and that market likes kind of wild and unique things so designs can be a bit crazy. As of right now I’m picturing everything from totem poles to low polygon forms. For the most part your designs will limited to being formed into a cylindrical shape of about 1.25" in diameter and 5" long. These products are also essentially a hand grip so no crazy extrusions but they don’t have to be smooth either.

I know, not a lot of help probably but what you need to know is the more creative you are the better! And it’s up to you so have fun with it. Contact me and we can work on more specific details of the market and product if you want.

So what am I willing to pay? As a designer myself I think it’s only fair I offer a reasonable rate to fellow designers. As of right now I am thinking anywhere between $80-$120 a design. I figure it will take maybe 2-3 hours of work for anyone skilled in this software. Willing to pay more though if the design really blows me away.

To start with I am looking to buy one or two designs to make sure my idea sells and is worth the further investment. If this does take off I have plans of limited edition runs and offering dozens of custom designs so I do plan on buying more in the near future.

Payment will happen once the designs been completed at least for these first two or so. Maybe once we have a history we can work out other arrangements. Again can all be discussed in private.

Also remember I am buying your designs to then resell in a product. First time doing something like this so I am going to look into the legal side of things. There might be a paper or something for you to sign just saying you give me the right to re-sell your work but I will figure all that out soon.

So who wants to work? If you think you might be interested in this feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you soon. I don’t think there is any private message system on 3D Hubs but if there is that works too.




Hi Josh- I’d be interested in contributing. I am an industrial designer by training, but now do computer renderings and physical models. you can take a look at my website, www.3dimodels.com and www.gpimodels.com. We have a few 3d printers as well, a Dimension 1200ES, a Form1 and also a printrbot metal plus. I’d be happy to chat when you have some time and see if there’s a fit. My cell phone is 617-271-4725. Thanks, Juan

Hey Juan,

Did you go to school in Boston? I’m also an Industrial Designer, I graduated from Wentworth recently.

I’ll give you a call a little later tonight if that’s fine, probably around 5pm. I’m mainly looking for designers right now as I have the printing handled right now but if it keeps growing I might need to change that.



No problem Josh. I figured I’d give you my whole background so you knew. I went to school at Mass Art, many moons ago. Call any time, it’ll be good to get to know each other. Juan

Hey, so sorry I forgot to call you earlier. Things got crazy at work then I had to go to a portfolio review at my school and I just lost track of everything. Then it hit me like 2 seconds ago that I was supposed to call you.

So sorry again. Is there anytime tomorrow that works for you? I have the day off so I can call anytime.