We’re making the world’s first 3d printed prosthetic legs and are looking for someone with experience with 3D printing to come and join our team in SOMA! Check out the job description here. Message me with questions!

Learn more about us here:


Looks like a great opportunity, good luck in finding your future team mate :wink:

A great cause!

Do you guys have this kind of printer at your disposal? (

http://3dprinterreviewsite.com/hictop-prusa-i3-3d-desktop-printer-review/) - because I can pretty much make anything with it.

Well, you can always start a new thread and show us what your printer can do :wink:

I wish I lived closer. I hope you find the best maker in your country!

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Did you ever find assistance for this? At the time we were on a similar project and couldn’t respond. Relieved of that finished contract… we can discuss how we can help you.

Let us know!

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