I am brand new to 3D printing, just finished building a Purse i3 clone and I am currently using painters/masking tape on the heated bed. It is a pain because it sticks to the bottom of objects and its hard to remove from the bottom of the object. So I have some questions.

  • I understand that because I am using an auto level sensor I cannot use a glass plate on the bed. So is there anything else that I can use to get PLA to stick instead of painters tape that will not be a pain to remove from a finished print object?

  • If painters tape is the way to go, how do you clean-up the print’s bottom to clean off the tape residue? I know acetone will help but may warp the PLA object, is there another way?

  • I have tried printing on the metal bed itself but PLA does not stick (nozzle @210, bed @60).

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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I use PEI on a couple machines with good luck. There is one place that sells it with the adhesive already on it but I can’t think of it.

You can use a glass plate if you put some foil tape at the places where the sensor takes it’s measurements. You could try a max hold hairspray on the metal plate. Wipe it down with alcohol. I’ve never used painter’s tape, so can’t comment on getting it off of your prints.