I need help! Don’t ask how, but my dog chewed through all the wiring going to the extruder. The problem is of all the wires there’s 2 plain red wires and two plain white wires. As a result I don’t know which reds to splice together. Same with the two whites. Does anyone have any suggestions? Ways to ring them out and figure it out that way?

EDIT: The wires in question are going to the hot end.

I have the Maker Select v2 which I guess is the same as the Duplicator i3.

Thanks for any suggestions.



Red is heater cartridge doesn’t matter witch is witch (+ -)

White is thermistor (heat sensor in head) also doesn’t matter polarity.

So connect red with red white with white

But if possible make a picture of the chewed cables (and also the Dog :D)


Thanks! Yeah I finally found that same information when I knew what to google.

What happened is I had people on my house replacing my roof. And my dog is a 50 lb coward. I think she got anxious and just started going nuts. Whats amazing is a) she didn’t die on the 4 power cables she chewed through and b) they’re such clean cuts!

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Beautiful dog, glad she survived! Congrats!

Its quite a big damage, as i can see in the in picture. There are some red/black cables also cutted, 1 should be the fan for the printhead and the other for the cooling for fan for the prints. Open the electronic box of the printer and ring them with a multimeter to identify witch is witch.

In the picture you are holding is the main power wire(white,green and black), nice cut(chew)?

If you have a dog or child I really suggest to install a Residual current circuit breaker into your electric box(where are the rest of the brakers are), it senses if there is any shorts in the electric network and cuts power really fast so it prevents electric shock.

Few years ago had a bunny(she was white with huge red eyes) who lived inside the house for a few month until we find a place for her. The garden was owned by a huge German Shepard who was really interested to have a bunny dinner so the only option was to keep the rabbit inside the house, we had a young kitty also that time, so the bunny and kitty become friends and played all day… basically ruined the house…broken vases, killed flowers etc… The bunny loved to chew all the cables for the computer and this breaker saved her life for sure.


It’s funny that while reading your comment I thought to myself, “I wonder if the dog is a vizsla.” I have a year and a half old little girl and she chewed up my sewing machine cords. She can’t reach my 3D printer so it’s probably safe. At least for now. :slight_smile: Can’t stay mad at her long can you?