brought this printer from ebay,has given me a massive head ache!
does anyone know were i can get the sd card driver software that is loaded onto the card when it comes in the box??
i have looked all over the net and even asked the sellers on ebay for there help and none of them want to help or just cant because they know there is no point ?
reason i want the drivers is mine just wont recignize the sd card no more, i added 2 more prints too the card and after that the reader would not read off the card so i removed the 2 prints that were on the card and put 2 new ones of my own on it and still nothing reading,so did some reading up on the net ,and sugests that i was to format the small 2gig card and reload the software files including the new prints and still wont load any prints on the lcd ,iv been on this now for 4 days strait,im beat and about to smash this thing …i also tryed too link upto my desktop computer and via usb to usb and cant find any driver too work it,grrrrr doing my head in,next thought is to upgrade the lcd and driver board to an anet a6 i think it is,seen on ebay again ,see this could be a better option,any advice on these issues would be great as im only new to this…thanks

Item specifics

Condition:Brand New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is … Read more

Brand:LESHPAvailable filament:PLA/ABSMPN:Does not applyExtruder diameter:0.4mmUPC:Does not applyData input method:USB/Secure Digital CardModel:Z1Slice software:cura/simplify 3dForming principle:FDMInput data format:G-code/BmpPrinting size:220x220x240mmPower supply:AC 110-240VPrinting precision:0.015mmLCD monitor screen:128x128Layer resolution:0.1-0.3mmOS:for Windows 7 and abovePrinting speed:20-150mm/sPlug:AUPrinting temperature:190-230℃Frame material:acrylic&aluminumHotbed temperature:≤120℃

Do you still need the drivers? I know that this is a dead thread but I just recieved my printer (possibly the same model) and decided to look for documented issues so I would have an idea of what to expect.

What I’m trying to say is that I have the drivers if you still need them.

Hilariously, there is nothing on the memory card you actually need.

It loads gcode direct from the memory card, mine failed after a day so i now use an old one from a retired phone. Create the gcode in Cura and save it to my memory card, then plug into the printer and select from the menu.

I also did not need any additional drivers to run it over USB, windows found the driver with no input from me, set cura up as a prusa or reprap and off it goes.

The stuff on the original card is a set of pdf manuals, some questionable version of cura, and a video of how to assemble the kit. I did make a backup at first, but only used the assembly video.

I bought the exact same printer from ebay, the cura software is corrupted and the sd card is junk, I saved several gcodes to the card and after a couple of passes the extruder stoped running completely.I got so frustrated I wanted to chuck it in the trash. I then got the bright idea to try it with repetier host, all of my troubles went away. and it uses the Cura Engine to slice. hope this helps anyone out there

Hi Spacemoses,
I would be interested in the drivers if you still have them.

Thanks in advance

I have the same printer, and as was mentioned before the card that comes with it is trash, most of the software is corrupt. Download repetier host or cura and get a new sd card. That should fix the problems, it did for me.the new repetier host is nice, and easy to use, I’m actually using an older version of cura, 15.something, and it works great.