Hi, It looks like I’m 90% there with this very first Marvin on my Prusa MK2S. This was from the Marvin file supplied on the SD card from Prusa, so I didn’t run it through S3D. Looks like I have some minor blobbing and stringing etc?

Any tips welcome!

Marvin’s biggest enemies are heat and speed. Print more than one at a time if you have problems. Start with a .2 layer and get that good before doing a thinner layer.

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That’s very nice!! It’s your first print, you have tried it very well. If you want to print more models then you can visit 3D Spectra Technologies LLP for more ideas. Check out the link http://www.3dspectratech.com/

Thats with PLA? Not the worst result but It looks like you need better calibration. Kit or assembled printer?

My prints if you want to compare: https://www.facebook.com/pg/tcinf/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1317456581694570

Also with stock files no mods.

What i notice is grey color or silver tends to overlight the layers. Other colors are better to hide layer difference

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Thanks! Yes, PLA. Here’s a .05mm version (on the right) ran through Simplify3d. Still a couple things to tweak.

What filament are you using? Prusa? Your 0.05mm model looks better on layers but on other details not looking better.

You import prusa profile to S3D right?

How do you set your Z value?