Has anyone actually used this as it’s intended yet, for repetitive actions and engineering applications? I have a sample of it, and it seems to work as advertised, but I’d like to see if anyone here has put some real time in with it and has feedback on it.

I am using it. The use I give is for parts with 1.5mm wall that fit under pressure and I am very happy with this resin.
Until now I used the tough one, but I will use this :slight_smile:


We have been using it. It seems to hold its dimensions very well (when compared to the tough resin), and also has a good amount of flex to it when printed in thinner sections. I would say it works pretty much as advertised, very similar to polypropylene. I have been able to break a few pieces, but only after flexing them way beyond where I would expect them to bend. Overall, a good experience so far. We got one of the sample assemblies as well…pretty cool!


It’s absolutely brilliant! Simulates polypropylene perfectly! Also looks very similar to the clear standard resin. I’m using it to simulate injection molded living hinges. That being said, the hinges cannot be exactly to the same specs as injection molding, but beefed up a little bit and will produce EXTREMELY similar results.

Hope that helps,



I got the sample too, which was a big motivator in my intent to purchase! Thank for you reply, it’s very helpful!

This is great, thanks for the pictures!

I’m glad to hear it’s working well for you! The Tough resin is pretty damn good, so if this one’s better, I’m really looking forward to working with it.

Hello Mudaseem,

Thanks for sharing these photos with everyone!

I’m looking at printing living hinges too and wondered what design guidelines have worked best for you if you wouldn’t mind sharing? E.g. things like hinge thickness and minimum radius?

Any info you could share would be great :slight_smile: