I decided to back this project on KickStarter. Eventually, I will have my own printer (even though I get to use the one at work). They don’t come much more affordable than this:

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I backed the peachy printer a while ago.

Good luck with this one! Hope it will arrive someday.

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I wish I could have backed this at $50 before it jumped to $100. Best of luck!

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very COOL …

If you want to buy powerful & cheap 3D Printer… auto leveling

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super basic to use Cura 3D Printing Slicing Software …MICROMAKE D1 … https://youtu.be/kXie0oyaHKo

I managed to grab the last of the $79 ones. Although, if you read their write-up, you can buy the $74 and give them an extra $5 to get the one you can connect to with USB.

It uses standard gCode files, so I’m hoping my RPi with Octoprint on it will work.

They say delivery in October, so I’m hoping for before the end of the year.

I am still thinking to back it.

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They make it seem too good to be true, from what you guy see, does this look to actually be a good printer? I’m using the dremel idea builder which is awesome but would want any secondary printer that prints more materials than just PLA as this claims to do. they make it seem better than my printer and it even goes to 25 micron layer height, right? That’s crazy

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Dremel Idea Builder is bad, I can not disagree with you more. it is rated on my list about 2.5/5. I now have a robo 3d r1 plus. It is awesome and cheeper than the dremel.

There are some trade-offs with this printer. Max temperature on the nozzle is 250. That leaves some materials out. And the bed is not heated, so I don’t think that ABS is possible. I smell upgrades going to happen…

Layer heights is 50 to 350 micron. I wish it could do 25.

I do NOT expect this to be nearly as good as the Taz I use at work. But I will have fun with it, no matter how good it is.