Hi guys,

I would like to share with you my latest published 3D printing project for Eumakers. The scope of the project is to inspire Eumaker’s filament users to upcycle their empty spools in an original way. Eumaker’s spools can be disassemble in different parts and then combined with 3D printed components in order to create interesting new objects. In this case, the idea was to design a stylish vase by playing with positive and negative volumes.

You can download the project for free:


I hope you like it!



Nice idea.


Hi Helder, Beautiful work again! I love this one. Keep them coming. Cheers, Marc

A very special vase :slight_smile: A great idea! Love it. Thanks for bringing such a wonderful thing :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the final result, looks great.

Thanks Mark! I will :wink:

Thank you Tylor. I’m happy that you like it!

Thanks Graham!

Thank you for the great design i printed it myself it looks awsome !

I’m happy that you like it! Can you please post the photo?