I have ordered a micro swiss all metal hot end…now comes the issue of getting my printer to run up to and print at 300c. I am running simplify3d… any help would be great. thanks all.

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I would check with the maker to see what the printer is capable of. It is probably limited in the firmware but they can tell you what that value is unless you can get to it. Once you know that then see if S3D will let it go to that. I don’t know if S3D sets a limit also depending on the printer.


If you try to do prints with 300c, you are easily going to melt your thermocouple sleeve. Get one that is not made of plastic, or is atleast a very high melting temperature.

Hope this helps.


thanks for the reply… is there a source you recommend?

the retailers page lists the max temp as 260c… s3d will let me set the temp at 300c if i want but that is saving to memory card… not connected to the printer… is there a good rescource available to learn about firmware?

okay… connected s3d to the maker select plus… using the machine control panel I am only able to run up to 260c before the printer says no more… so now back to trying to edit the firmware?

If the machine is set to a limit of 260 then I would find out why. As was said above, it may just melt a part but I would want to be very sure it can handle 300 before trying and when you do try it I would not leave it unattended at all.

thanks for the reply… monoprice is not much help with questions about the machine as they do not make it themselves. I have taken some precautions though… the printer sits on a 4’ stainless table away from the wall and is connected to a twenty amp gfci outlet… if she goes nuclear on me pretty sure it will be the only casualty. trying to find a better thermocouple and possibly a ceramic heater… the heater i found on here but the thermocouple is proving difficult.

Keep us informed …

just put M143 S300

in your start g code should fix the problem

I just finished printing some replacement wheelchair parts (the originals were cast plastic) in Taulman bridge nylon and got acceptable results at 257/70 (noz/bed) on my Maker Ultimate with a Micro Swiss hotend. If I go any higher, the printer will exceed the 260 max while heating/stabilizing and stop with a temp error. Does the nylon you’re using require 300 degrees?