Hi. Im done with building and changing bad parts, finally. Did a test cube and wow… That didn’t come out right. First thing that is wrong, my axels z and bed axel dont move nice. Z dont move and overstep step, dont know how to write it (Swedish) and sounds terrible. The bed is doing the same. Where do i adjust the home function, in marlin via aurdrino? Thanx again for all the help

Now the feeling. I bought one and now replacing it with a prusa i3 mk2

Feels like this is just so stupid fault. How to set home manually?

I built a Geeetech i3 as well - Run a print and watch the bearings, they may be seizing ever so slightly. You could also remove them and spin by hand - any anomalies will usually be very easy to feel.

I would recommend swapping them out. They tend to be cheap.

Certain RC car bearings are a perfect match and are far superior in quality.

Smart. I have a lot of rc stuff that just collect dust. Right now all runs good but could be better off course. I just cant get tje hang of my axis and homeing. And my motors runs only one way… Any chance that you can post your file whit the audrino settings? Thanx

The firmware wasn’t preloaded?

It did but i must have wrong settings somewhere. It wont home correctly. Something is wrong with stopswitch and i think the x and y goes the wrong way. Tried to fix it in audrino but it diddent stick. I havent printed anything yet and im so annoyed right now. I would figured it out normally but its chrismas tomorrow and i have been working so much and than getting everything ready for the holidays.

Double check your motor connections - you may have them mismatched. Even if you think they are right, swap them around and make sure. Same goes with your limit switches. If you suspect one is bad swap it with another and try again to see if the issue follows the switch.

Its less likely that there is a problem with the firmware as opposed to a hardware malfunction or a simple assembly error.

A few problems I had with my clone of the Geeetech i3 Pro B. Not all were problems with the printer, some were things I connected wrong.

-Bad wiring connection at the plug for one of the stepper motors.

-Stop switch connected to wrong port on GT2560 ( min stop vs max stop)

-X and Y harnesses not interchangeable, caused x and y axis to move incorrectly.

- Belt tensions too tight, made the stepper motors bind up.

Overall, I would contact Geeetech. I bought a clone, and they have still answered questions for me. They should be able to get you going.