I have two Fusion3 F306 commercial grade 3D printers up for sale. Perfect working order. Printer is $5000 new.

I am asking $3,600 for each machine. If you want to buy both I can drop the price a little.

They are up for sale on ebay, so you can buy them strait from there.


I can demo the printer on location in Raleigh, NC if you would like.

Serious inquiries only. Call any time, but I work in a lab so I may not be able to pick up. Leave a message and I’ll get back with you quickly. (910) 612-3625

Here is some additional info on the machine:

Large build volume (12x12x12inches) (306x306x306mm)

100-300 micron layer height recommended

Fast speeds- max 550mm/sec

​High tolerances: ±0.003’’ per inch

Heated print bed

e3D V6 hot end

Prints PLA, ABS, PLA/PHA, PETG, Nylon, PC, PC-ABS, PET, Hips, TPU, and more