Does anybody have a ProJet 3510 and noticed a poor build quality ?

Our unit suffers from frequent breakdowns. Repairs are cost prohibitive.



I’ve got a Projet 3500 hd max and have had a few problems. If you have a moment to email me I’d like to hear about your experience and I can tell you the problems I’ve had. It might help solve some of your issues.

I’m matt@awesome3dprint.co.uk



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Have a bunch of those machines. When the machine is calibrated and in order it delivers perfect parts, and is one of the most userfriendly and accurate 3D-printer on the market. But when they break down they can be tricky to repair. If needed we have all spairs and knowledge to get the machine in order.

Please let us know more about your problem and I will be hapy to give you some advice on what to try. (do you have a picture on the poor build quality)


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Hello Peter, You should know that 3D system designed and commercialize 3D printers by himself and for himself, not for these users. So he has no respect for these customers. The customer is held hostage by the cosommable (RFID chip) and excessive technical maintenance. I have a Project 1000 3Dsystem … impossible profitability … I ended the disassemble and assemble a system with open source for control and use standard cosommables, … without that, with 3D system, you lose money. I hope you find a solution.

Bests regards,


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As a former 3DS reseller I agree in your opinion about 3DS, they dont care much about their customers nor resellers… RFIDs is a pain in the… But still the P3500 series is a great machine when working proper.

Is the print head ok in the printer internal test?

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Hi HB3D,

I very much agree with your comments and wondering if you would share how you were able to accomplish this?

We have a Projet 3510sd as well. We love the machine when it works. However, yes the built quality is poor. Ours is always down, the power supply died three times in 6 months. After the last fix, it sat down for two months unused because we lost all job for the machine due that it was always down. Once we finally got some jobs for it , it broke again. The UV lamp stopped working out of the blue. Gladly we have a Stratasys Objet 260v which is a workhorse. It had issues as well, but Stratasys customer service is phenomenal , a lot cheaper and extremely fast. Our Objet 260v has not been down for more than two days.

Our unit had a UV lamp replaced 3 times and calibrated couples more time. In addition to that we had a failed print head, roller motor assembly, and bunch of othe issues within the span of 2 years. We are looking at alternaties and we also did have one of Stratasys units in the past. It was much more reliable system.

RFID is definitely a problem. We had to replace a few of them on the jugs. The problem for us is a high upkeep cost.

Frequent breakdowns make it a real money pit.


We had a printhead replaced one time already. There is definitely excessive technical maintenance on this system. Our repair costs are getting close to half the purchase cost within a span of 2.5 years. And the material cost if fairly high too. Do you know if there is only one supplier of the build/support material for their printers ?

Most likely our best alternative will be to get a new system from another company.

Hi Matt

I will email you a list of what we had to repair on our system already. I think that buying a new printer ( from another manufacturer) will be a better financial decision for us in the future.


Call this guys, ask for a tech and your questions will be gone so your problems ( just make sure you pay then something)

Old Dominon Dental Corp.

Phone: (804) 285-0777

Your welcome in advance. :wink:


HI @OM3Dmaster,

3DS, again and again… Every ( yes, it’s real ) customer of 3DS i heard those 3 last years in the 3D printing industry get a lot of trouble with them equipment : SLA, SLS, FDM … It’s hard but we need to be clear about this company : Bad equipment, bad customers services ! And of course : they can’t justify the price of them equipment.

Just an advise : run to an other equipment


I read your comment on your Projet, we are working with a firm in France who makes and sales alternative materials for 3D professional printers, it’s www.gecko-3d.com.

They made an alternative wax suport material, equal to G-300 and they will launch alternative resins at the beginning of 2019. They will also launch waxes materials for CPX machines.

I hope this will help you !