I asked this on a general forum a few days a go and had some helpful replies, but just found the Formlabs forum and thought to put it out there aswell.

My query is; how does Formlabs 2 compare to Envisiontec Perfactory Micro in build quality, etc.

Do jewellery, figurine and gamers prefer one over the other?

Thanks in advance.



It is not the same category, nor in price…

First the price is different.

2nd, Formlabs is good due to multi materials choices. Especially the engineering materials.

3rd, Formlabs machine laser beam is 140um. It is not good enough for jewelry.

The two machines basically target different markets.

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What markets do they both target?

Hi Miniman

Does this suggest the Envisiontec is far superior in quality and accuracy? What are the category differences between them, would you say?

Thanks for your views on this.



Hi Adam, Yes, I do. I have Formlabs, but as i see the reliability of Envisiontec is lightyears better…but costs much more, also the resin.

Lightyears better? Please explain. Printer hardware failures? Print job failures? etc. I have printed on my Form2 for 2467.66 hours, 390871 layers, with 99% success (and all but 3 errors were due to me trying to minimize supports and I went too light on them, the 3 were weird PreForm errors).