Anyone interested in a Form1+ ?

Almost new ( 5 prints ), 3 print bases ( 1 unused ), Castable, clear, though, white resine.

Any readanable bid is welcome

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I’m interested, but have no idea what a reasonable bid would be. Let me do some looking on the formlabs website. Is it still under warranty and if so is the warranty transferable?

i an in the US (FL). Where are you located?

Where you located. What are wanting

Asking for it


I’d be interested depending on your location and a few other details.

How much time is left on the machine’s warranty?

How many resin tanks come with the machine, and are any of those unopened?

How many of the bottles of resin have been opened, and for how long?

Has anyone attempted to clean the machine’s mirrors at any time?

Do you still have the original shipping box?



Thank you for all your replies.

1500 sounds fair.

Cool webside by the way.

I’ll give you a life time extra discount of 10% on SLS, SLA ( Envistiontec ), And mettal parts.

www.albertio.com. We are allways looking for partners in the US. Interested ?

Regarding the Form1+ , it’sa nice machine for small parts.

I’ll make shure all the resines bottles are sealed propper in seperate bags.

As also the resine bases, …

I just placed it yesterday on a few sites. And allready got a lot of mails.

So I just picked you by lucked. But can you conferm that we have a deal ?

Then I can answer the other ones that it’s gone.

Please write me at : info@albertio.com

Kind greetings

Warranty is with machine not the owner so you only have to contact Formlabs with the machine name when you get it. I did this a little over a year ago and have had great luck and super happy with Formlabs support!



How much you re looking for?


still available?