Form 2 Formlabs For Sale,
*SLA Laser 3D Printer High Precision, High Speed, Wide Selection of Materials
*Simple to use, Mac & Windows Compatible, Desktop.
Very good condition, no damage.
I am available for any information.

Prices are still negotiable


If you are interested, please contact me :

Oh Hello there,

You sold me a Ultimaker 2+ 4-5months ago.
And there was a problem with the shipping because it was sended back to you.
Can you look into this? Never got anwser from you.
Here is the tracking code you gave me: RR049187535ID
If you can’t, I want my money back…


Where is the printer located?

Lol If you were going to scam someone at least make the figure believable. There’s no way someone would be selling a form 2 for $1000.