Hi everyone.
The Scanner Party at the NUMA in Paris was a big success. There were around 40 to 50 people. 5 scanner experts came to show their tools. There were several 3d scanners: a Structure, a Scanify, a David SLS, a Sense.
I first made a presentation of the 3d scanner technologies and showed exemple of scan applications. Then the cofounder of Sketchfab Pierre-Antoine Passet made a short presentation of the platform. After that I made a presentation of 3D Hubs.
We spent a lot of time chatting with the public and playing with the scanners.
As you can see, I tried to take more pictures this time. :slight_smile:
Thanks to everyone for helping with the event and thanks for everyone for coming! I’m already looking forward to the next event.



3D Hubs Mayor Paris


I prepared the Sketchfab collection when you will be able to find the scans made with the Structure Sensor: https://sketchfab.com/3dselfie/collections/3dhubs-scanner-party-numa-paris

I will upload them as soon as possible, in the incoming days :slight_smile: (note that some of them will probably be cleaned a bit to remove some errors/artifacts)

Thanks for the event, it was very nice to talk with you guys!



Backend dev @ Sketchfab



To all the lucky people who got 3D scanned, check out this link to find your 3D selfie.

Thanks to Aurélien and the Sketchfab team for the help! :slight_smile: