I recieved this build plate from Fleks3d as a beta tester and wow. It works great! The first test print I did, Marvin of course, stuck first try. This is truly a great product for anyone having trouble making their print stick down and for the Kickstarter price you can not beat it. If you are backing this you are missing out. I will be more than glad to answer any questions. Next print, brassfil! Best, Chris Brown


Where are the .gifs Chris? :frowning:

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I am working on it! I forgot my tripod and real camera so it was kinda of hard to flex the bed and record with two hands :slight_smile:

Here is a better picture, the Fleks3d bed, the bed also worked great with Proto-Pasta Carbon Fiber! .gifs coming soon!


I found this gif with a Fleks plate and it looks too good! Love it, @3dpGeek!

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This is such a clean print! I wish I could get my color fab carbon fiber to work