Someone please help. I just got my Flashforge Finder. I followed the instructions and after leveling the bed I pressed Tools, filament, load. It went to the center of the bed and burnt a hole in the center of the printing surface. Next I removed the surface and put tape down on the glass. I then leveled the surface again and sent it to home before loading filament. All it will do now is say Filament Error when I try to print.

Can you take a picture of this error message?

Ive moved on to bigger problems. The extruder is jammed and when it connects to my computer it disconnects and says “network error” after about 5 seconds.

Does the finder have an SD card reader? The extruder is usually an easy fix. Just disassemble, clean and reassemble it. If the nozzle is clogged take it off and torch it.

Try turning the filament sensor off and on in the settings…

Also you need to adjust your Z height in the settings also… I think its called TP adjustment?

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I would recommend not running it off of USB to your computer. Use the USB stick and have the file copied to the Finder and run it off of the LCD.

You can buy a new printing surface, that’s no problem. But you need to recalibrate your z-axis for sure. Level the bed first, then manually calibrate your z-axis with a sheet of paper at 4 corners of the build plate and you should be fine. And as recommended before, definitely turn off the filament sensor from settings

The manual shows you how to level the bed but it completly ignores the extruder calibration which is *absolutly necessary* before you start printing. I also leveled the bed and startet printing and there was zero gap between the nozzle and the bed.

Make sure your nozzle is clean (no filament remainder) and go to “Tools” -> “Settings” -> “Extruder Calibration”. Take a business card and place it under the nozzle. Now reduce the distance (Z-) until you feel a reasonable resistance while moving the business card. Then finish the extruder calibration.

If you start the extruder calibration and just press ok, the extruder distance will be about 5mm above the bed. So if you start the calibration please finish it correctly!

And another warning: Do not copy large files while you preheat the nozzle (Using the “Preheat” function). The printer will not check the temperature while copying (mine reached more than 450°C at the end of a 55 MB file)