Hi Folks, has anyone here experienced the issue of extruders not heating up after tearing apart and putting it back the wiring? I need to clear a jam on my right extruder and had to disassemble and once I put it back together, I am getting a message that both of my extruder are not heating up properly. Any help would be appreciated.

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So we have 2 Problemchilds in a typical extruder. Problemchild 1 is the heater cartridge. Could it be you broke the Cables? but seems unlikly that u killed both of your heaters in one go. Then there is Problemchild nr. 2 wich is the Tempsensor. It could well be that you broke one of the wires of the tempsensor or it is not in its correct Location. so these are the 2 big things that can go wrong with an extruder… If you could give me some Pictures i can probably tell you where the problem sits… but first take a close look at the 2 tempsensors and the 2 Heaters and try to fix it… if its not working i´ll be here to help you.
And if its working let me know!

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