First real print after a bunch of 20mm boxes on my Taz 2. i used cura and the high detail quick settings.

Doesn’t look to bad. The main things to remember on a Marvin are temp and speed. Slower is better to a point.

You might be over extruding a little.

What material, temps and speeds?

You can print 2-3 at a time also to help out with over temp.

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I was printing at 190 with eSun PLA, I do not remember the speed at the moment, I just used Curt’s high detail quick setting as I’m still trying to get the hang of everything

Looks very nice for standard settings!

Yes, with Marvin you want to print really slow, down to 15 or 20mm / second.

Temp sounds fine. Does it have a heated bed? If so then you can try to use as low a temp after the first layer that works. Probably start at 65 or so and go down to 55-50 as long as it sticks. the lower temp on the bed will help reduce overall heat.
Also make sure to have that material cooling fan on full if it is installed.


do you know a parameter for material.txt at UM2 to go down automatically with bed-temperature after first layer?

retraction speed=25.0
standby temperature=175.0

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