Hi I have a new Davinci mini and the first layer is printing out pretty good,but after that it seems to break free from the bed. Then it’s just a mess. Any help would be great!

Hi what is the underground What is the material ABS or PLA?

Calibrate it. I’ve never seen a da vinci that didn’t need calibration right out of the box, regardless of what the setup manual says.

I just got a Da Vinci Mini for Christmas and I think everyone has this problem right out of the gate. The good news is, it’s a pretty easy fix.

When you apply the square tape, you then need to do a quick coating of Elmers Glue stick on top of the tap to help anchor down the first few layers. I didn’t see any distinction in what kind of glue stick, so I just went with the Elmers All Purpose, which worked great. However, I have read subsequently that you might want to use the washable stuff that is purple instead.

I will say that once I cleaned out the first couple of disasters, and got the glue stick down, the rest of my prints with complicated threaded parts came out perfectly. I also recalibrated before every job.

Give it a try. Good luck.

PS - The Mini can only do PLA, for now I’m told.

Thanks guys! Im using PLA. Ok so ill try the glue and calibrate before each print.

Generally, calibration is only required once every so often. I would not do it prior to every print. You’ll hate your printer if you do… :slight_smile:

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