hi all. I’m printing White pla on buildtak at 205 on a cold bed. And I’m having trouble with a really thin first layer and then a bumpy second layer (see pics) the print comes out fine and doesn’t warp but it does need a pallet knife under it to make it pop off. What am I doing wrong?

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It doesn’t sound to bad to me! You are getting it to stick. I usually have issues with it curling at the edges.

I am having similar first layer issues with a rough layer but the prints are fine so I am not worrying about it to much.

The only thing is re-check your bed level and maybe back off the nozzle gap slightly.

Yeah, I don’t want to really adjust it as the part that I print and usually warps printed perfectly, the bottom layer was so smooth it was like it wasn’t even printed. This was printing without a raft though, when I print with a raft nothing happens for the first layer so maybe it is a bit too tight? I also get a footprint mark on the buildtak afterwards and need to use a pallete knife to get it off

I was thinking just slightly tight also.

Your print head is too close to the bed. The first layer is really smooshed. The second layer then has too much plastic, causing the “bacon” effect.

The third layer should then print pretty well.

Lean towards a - it isnt broke dont fix it. Most models I do, I do this with my prints.

For most prints, this can be desireable. The printhead is slightly smooshed against the bed plate. It creates a very smooth finish, looks great for the top of the prints, such as pi cases, etc. Works fine for the bottom of prints, they are very level.

Bacon is good.