I have attempted my first complicated print today. Complicated in the sense that it has quite some detail. I noticed a lot of little artifacts and I am looking for some tips. Right now I know a little about the factors of 3d printing but I have no clue yet about how to proceed. E.g. leveling, temperature, software configuration, etc?

These are the specs:

- Wanhao Duplicator 4s

- Simplify3d @ 0.2mm PLA

- No support, no raft

- Extruder 190c

- Heated bed 0c (off)

- BuildTak surface

Should I look in the direction of hardware or perhaps tweaking S3D?

Also for those S3D guru’s: what does this setting do:

- Only retract when crossing open spaces

This option is checked by default and to me it seems like this should be off.


Here’s the picture (apologies)

Hey Mr Flex… What material are you using ?

The “only retract when crossing open spaces” - Quote from Simplify3D :

“Only retract when crossing open spaces: This is enabled by default for most profiles, since you really only need to do a retraction if you are crossing over an open space, since you would be crossing perimeters and be at risk for stringing.” - navigate to https://forum.simplify3d.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2089 and search of Ooze Control Behavior for more info.


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I just wonder how the stl files looks like. You could upload it on sketchfab and show it here, without allowing download (if you dont want others to have it ;)) Anyways, a very general advice: the first settings that you could play around would be the printing speed and the temperature (based on what material you use of course :wink: