Hello, i’ve got a bibo dual extruder but i’ve got problem for printing. The values on screen aren’t correct. My 1st extruder 238/180 and 2nd -20/180…

Do you have a firmware for me please ?

Hi Adrien,

There are two firmware versions attached, you will have to choose the one you have either thermistor or thermocouple. Rename the appropriate file to .hex from .dxf and follow the directions on the PDF.

Hope this helps.
150901thermocoupledualv1.2en.hex_.dxf (355 KB)
150901thermistordualv1.2en.hex_.dxf (355 KB)
how_to_upload_firmware_to_bibo_3d_printer_with_cura.pdf (211 KB)

The printer in different time has the different firmware. As the motors, wirings, and mother board are different. Please contact us directly and we will definitely solve the problem. Our email is bibo@ourbibo.com

Hello, were I can find a guide how to Update my firmware to marlin with Arduino IDE?