Currently, when a Hub uploads pictures of a print, you have to upload either one view, multiple views in one image (Instagram Layout style), or multiple images of one print. None of these really convey the depth of the prints (they are 3D objects after all), and having multiple images of one print just clumped into one main gallery is sloppy and difficult to navigate through. To correct this, I would like to suggest Hubs either allows for the upload of GIFs or for the creation of named galleries/albums on a Hub’s profile.

GIFs would be great because they would allow us to have shots of our prints “move” on our profile, like this. It really gives the prints a much more “3D” feel, than an image can and is probably as close to having the actual print in front of you as you can get digitally. It eliminates the need for multiple images as well, one GIF would give you all the angles you would need to convey the details of the print.

While named albums don’t address the depth issue, they would work nicely to give the Profile a much more organized feel. You could have as many shots and angles of a print as you want, but it wouldn’t clutter up your Profile and bump back images of other prints that a customer may find more interesting. You would set a cover image for the album, and when a customer clicks on it, the album expands and allows for them to view multiple shots of that specific print (just like how Facebook albums work). Allow for sorting by material or printer type (this should be implemented anyway, maybe with something like Isotope?) and it would much better utilize Hub images than the current system.


This is a great idea.

It would be very useful as I myself want to show printed pieces to show it in a more realistic perspective. Glad you’ve suggested this, as some of the 3D hub team will see this and perhaps push the idea forwards.

The GIF shouldn’t be too hard to add-on and it would be great if it runs while customers are using the searches, as it’ll really make hubs stand out and better represent themselves.

The Gallery idea may require a bit more work however.

I’m sure the feature will be considered as it benefits the site (looking professional) but also improve a customers experience for finding the correct hub

Hmmm, something we could consider indeed. A possible objection could be that there’s the risk of Hub profiles becoming a bit like ‘fun fairs’ with Gifs everywhere. The album feature could solve this though. Curious what @Brian makes of this. Cheers!

+1. I have one of these:

And it would be awesome to be able to show customers a 360 degree gif of their print.