I’m a bit of a perfectionist and found the overhangs (and/or how my slicers deal with it) with my Fairphone cases rather annoying,

Therefore I modeled some supports into this Fairphone case, using Blender.
First tests show significant improvenments over normal (unsupported) prints.
Even better results should be possible with further refinements (if you’d like to)

If you’d like to work with it, I’ve attached the Blender file I’ve created. It’s in “manifesto-supported Blender.zip.stl”, which is actually a disguised Zip-file (sorry 3Dhubs for cheating).
Manifesto_case-supported.stl (15.7 MB)
manifesto-supported Blender.zip_.stl (9.26 MB)


Almost forgot - this is how it looks.

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Very cool, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing! Great!

Nice, thanks for sharing, @universalist! I’m sure that hubs dealing with Fairphone prints will appreciate this. Am I right, @makersaffair, @GloomySparker, @gregh, @key23d, @Didier_2, @Joerg_4 or @Spreadform? Cheers

Nice work thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Thanks @universalist for the good idea, your work and sharing! I will check it out when I found some time :wink: !

Unfortunately there are 10 designs.

Kind regards, Guy

@universalist really nice, thank you for sharing it

@gabriela3d thanks for informing me about this thread :slight_smile:



Thanks for the share @universalist. In fact, I really don’t have overhangs problem with Fairphone cases and my Replicator2. Pretty happy with overhangs in general.

My problem with Fairphone cases is more about retraction and finishing.

One more point, I use Simplify3D, which is pretty simple to use when dealing with overhangs. You can just set automatic settings depending on angle and length, but you can also place / remove supports just with one click.

Sweet! Been having the same issues, this looks like it’ll solve, cheers!

@universalist @gabriela3d Thank you! This is very helpful :slight_smile:

Great idea, thanks for sharing.

Great idea, thanks for sharing.