Hey there!

One question: I bought the Fairphone Case on the Fairphone website and now it’s my turn to search for somebody to print it out and you will get payed by Fairphone. Hope that makes sense :wink:

Anyway there is no hub in Vienna I can choose for printing!!

Hope there is anybody here who can do that :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot


So what color do you want it ?

Green or Blue would be great :slight_smile:

Hey Anna,

Unfortunately, there’s no one certified to print them for you in Vienna. Please choose a Hub that is the closest to you and you will be able to get it shipped for you :slight_smile:

Hi Arnoldas,

how can my hub get certified to print fairphone cases?

you can print with us, polyamide for exemple

Yes I know, that’s why I asked! :wink: It would be great if there is a Hub in Vienna producing it. Not only could we pick it up ourselfes but it is also an opportunity to earn some money for Hubs, right?

On the Fairphone support page is written:

They can apply via the 3D Hubs network.

Hope that helps because there is no other information given there…

Hi Annina,

fantastic, that you choose the fairphone - depending on the needed quality I can print the case for you in ABS… I am not certified, but when you send me the file I can tell you if it will turn out good…

have a nice day,



Hi Annalina!

Did you manage to get your Fairphone Case Printed? I’ve the same problem and I dont’t now where to orint my 3d-Case…



Hey @raphael68, after you buy the case you should receive an e-mail with a link that directs you to Hubs that can help you with printing your case.

Thanks a lot, but in my E-Mail there is no Link to any Hub and in the Form the Hub-List is empty?!?

Hello Raphael!

Still have none but I didn’t really try because I am not in Vienna at the moment. But with this link I was simply transported to this site and nothing else. I get to choose who should print my case. Sure there are people doing it but not in Vienna, that was my initial problem. I would love to pick it up myself and not to add aditional transport…