It seems to be impossible to process an order for a fairphone case that i have. everytime I try and select a printer I just get a loading bar and nothing more. Please help

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May i help you ? If you want a fairphone case, i’m certified ^^

Just ask me about it on my hub (Lugdunum’s hub). What case did you want ?

After loading your file, you need to choose your hub. After selected it, just apply your order.

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Well, this is not right. I’m so sorry to hear this, @icgrantpeterkin! We should be able to help out if you could send us the file, hub of choice and so on. You can forward me all details at I’ll also add @Robin3D, our Head of Customer Support, to make sure that you getting that Fairphone case will run smoothly :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping out, @Modellus :wink:

Thankyou will try and find you

Hey @icgrantpeterkin where exactly are you based? Which city?

By the way, we checked and it looks like you already have a Fairphone case in your shopping cart, so all you need to do is find a hub in your area.

Thankyou very much for getting back to me and still seem to be having trouble with it as just keeps on just loading and not processing if that makes sense. I have attached the file and would be looking for anyone based in London not to far away from south London. Hope it is the right file and thanks again.
fairphone manual Day 1 - makerbot.pdf (4.88 MB)

@icgrantpeterkin You’r Welcome ^^

Hello there, I have found numerous hubs in my area but every time I try to click on one it just has a loading time bar and never does anything more and cannot select a hub. I am in south east London. Regards, Ian

Hi Ian,

I’m sorry you’re experiencing some difficulty with sending in your order. We have noticed that some users have had trouble ordering their Fairphone case if they used Safari as their browser, until we have fixed this issue please use a different browser such as Chrome of Firefox instead to avoid this problem.

@Modellus, thank you for trying to help out, it’s definitely appreciated! I noticed that you are located in Lyon, that might not be the most confinient city for Ian to pick up his case :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Hey @icgrantpeterkin, we checked and the file is already uploaded into your shopping cart. So all you have to do now is select a hub and start printing :slight_smile: The closest Fairphone certified hub closest to you that I could find is @MADEJUST4ULTD,

Let me know how you go and if you need any help, give me a shout out.

@Robin3D Yes, a little bit far ^^

But with a express shipping, it ll takes only 48 hours :wink:


I’ve got exactly the same problem… (also trying to order my fairphone case) trying since a few weeks already… so it’s not my computer that’s causing the problem?


Hi @marijkestaessen, so sorry to hear about your experience with ordering from us. @Robin3D, my colleague from Customer Support, will get back to you as soon as possible and if you’re still interested in order your Fairphone case, we can definitely help out. Thanks for your patience.