Hello everyone, i have a Geeetech Aluminum Prusa i3 and i have a problem with my extruder it stoped extruding after like 15 prints so i did a couple of things to try to resolve the problem: (THE X Y AND Z AXIS WORKS NORMALLY ) -replaced the entire extruder with a new one -replaced the hot end -swaped the extuder motor with the X axis motor and i kept the hot end wired to the board (the X axis motor kept doing the same thing as the extruder motor BUT the extruder motor worked normally SEE THE VIDEO) -changed the cable that connect the extruder motor to the board -swaped the extruder driver with the Y axis driver -turned the screw on extruder driver (ive followed this tutorial [www.youtube.com]) -used usb cable instead of the memory card for printing -changed the fan to a bigger one -changed the software that i use from cura to repetier (and i couldn’t connect my printer to cura maybe you can help me with that) and i still have the same problem now i have no idea what to do. the problem could be from the board or the power supply maybe and the hot end works normally and the problem is not from the extruder i’ve made a video of the printer maybe it will help identifying the problem and i’ve uploaded cura and the printer settings and a picture of the board thank you and sorry for my bad english


Step one, Got any successful print files ready to go? Try running one, no fix? Okay, then it’s not your slicing codes.

step two, manually measure the hot end temp (Thermometer or kitchen probe whatever is fine,) make sure it shows the same temp as it does on screen,

step three, double check all wiring, litrerally, I mean everything, the slightest thing can cause these temp problems,

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i tried using a successful print files same problem i checked the wiring like 10 times and how can it be the hot end temp ?

Hi, Omar

could You be more specific? When You start a print what happens?