I have been searching all over for this, but couldnt find a simple solution.

I have a simple polyline. Now i want like a “follow me”-tool of sketchup or cinema3d extrude along spline, that lets me select the polyline and create a rectangular shape along it.

Best would be if i could also change the thickness and height later easily (when i need to make it thicker for printing for example).

I need this to be as simple as possible so anybody can do it. for example a online generator like this: http://v01pe.github.io/Text2Braille3d/

Any ideas?
i cant really believe that there is nothing of sorts.

I believe this can be done in Fusion 360, by adding dimensions and constraints to the sketch before using the revolve function

thanks, i will try this option, but its not really what i am searching for, since it is paid.
Is there any free and easy alternative? Its a relativeley easy function no?

You can get a free trial of Fusion 360 for a month, then for a year (renew annually indefinitely), if you’re a hobbyist, student, or startup making <$100,000 annually.