My latest Marvin just finished printing about two hours ago. I’m really thrilled with the way it turned out - under close inspection I can barely notice any flaws in it. It was set to 100 microns, 205 degrees Celsius extruder, 55 degree bed, and printed on a Prusa i3 MK2 with Yellow Hatchbox PLA filament. (Just a word about this filament - I only got it two days ago, and have only printed two things with it - this Marvin and a nut and bolt combo - and it has blown me away. Absolutely stunning prints from it. Just bought another 5 colors of Hatchbox PLA!). Please let me know what you think!


Nice. Basically defaults for a .1 layer height? Was this with the Prusa Slic3r version?

Watch out for fake Hatchbox! There are a bunch of sellers on Amazon and ebay that are fake. Go to Hatchbox site for a list of approved sellers. Helps to assure you get the real stuff.

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Thanks! Yes, I sliced it using the Prusa Slic3r edition. I’ll definitely make sure to watch out for scams. I bought it from the actually hatchbox seller on amazon, so I’m pretty sure it’s legit. Even if this stuff wasn’t real it still makes beautiful prints. (Pretty sure it is hatchbox though :slight_smile: ).

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Yea, they say “By Hatchbox” but there are only four I think real sellers. Good looking part.

Ok, I’ll make a note of that. And thanks again!

That is what all FDM printers should be shooting for-- very nice!

What was your print seed?