I haven’t been using my 3D-Printer for quite a while, because of these issues. Today I designed a round part, where the artifacts can easily be seen and it looks terrible. So I need your help. The ‘Blobs?’ appear at the layer start on the outer-perimeter. I turned down the print speed, and it didn’t help. I tried a negative extra restart distance, which removed the issue, as it was the same, as the negative retraction distance, but it made the rest of the print horrible. Also overhangs look awful. And tolerances are not correct all the time, even though “Test-Cubes” have the correct dimensions. I use DasFillament PLA and Fillamentum PLA, and have this issue with both materials. My retraction height is 1mm at 30mm/s, my extrusion width is .9, my temperature is 210 for both materials and my layer height is 2.25mm.