We have an Envisiontec Perfactory Mini machine. Lately, we have holes from our printed models. I’m trying to find out what is the cause of this problem. I attached few pictures here. I really appreciate if anyone can help.

Thank you

Pic100G resin

Hey welmchen,

Have you checked the PSA foil?

I also have that problem sometimes on our perfactory 4’s

Hi Mx,

I have not check the PSA foil. Can you let me know where is PSA foil located in the P4?

The PSA foil is the transparent film between the resin and the glass at the bottom of the basement. If you drain the resin out of the basement you should be able to see it right away. Sometimes it may have bumps or even small holes. If that’s the case try replacing it. It should be good after that.

Thank you for your reply.

Do you know where can I buy the PSA foil? or Do I have to replace the entire basement?

If I’m not mistaken you can buy it directly from envisiontec. If you have to buy the entire basement I don’t know. But ask them and they will tell you.

Thank you again

No problem :slight_smile:

The PSA is a three part system. The first part is the metal and glass that stays with the machine. The second part is the upper metal frame with the film stretched over it and the third part is a loose piece of release film that floats between them. Are you talking about the release film or trying to rebuild an old frame?

The above is a respond from Envisiontec tech support. Do you mind if I ask who are you buying your parts from for your Envisiontec machine?