Can anyone help with this build problem please?

I’m running HTM140, well mixed before use and the PSA seems ok, replaced not too long ago.

Some parts are ‘skinning’ over, particularly on holes and even between the support’s lattice. Also there’s some shiny areas which look like wet resin, but this is actually cured.

The image attached is a part built horizontally and vertically to show the difference, it is only 6mm diameter by 3mm high.

Thanks for any assistance and advice.



Forgot to attach the images, sorry!

Have you tried material from a different manufacture date, have you had your compensation mask recalibrated or the projector?

Hi Tom

Thanks for your reply. The material is relatively new, but I haven’t had anything recalibrated. Is this something I could do myself or do I need to get the Envisiontec engineer out?

Kind regards


Typically they can remote into a computer on the network then access the printer from there. At least that’s what they did with us.

Hi Pali

Thanks for your help.