After my second print I started having issues with a X axis girding noise and not printing properly. I adjusted the belt (tighter=still occurred / looser = still occurred / tightened again = stopped). When I did the video, it would only do it at height, then started doing it on startup. The past day (after tightening the belt again) no issues. I emailed Creality and haven’t heard back yet. Now I’m waiting to see when it will start again.

Sounds like there might not be enough power to the stepper. If you have a multi-meter you could check the potentiometer (carefully) for the X stepper driver.

Thank you. I do have one and can check that, but it looks like it might be the belt. Odd thing is I have had to tighten it almost everyday. I guess that threw me off. That said, I have printed most of today before it happened again.

Good Morning,
I recently received an Ender 3 Pro. I followed instructions in a video while assembling the printer. One step indicated that while installing the x-axis belt pulley, to align the captive nuts with the narrow edges parallel to the channels in the extruded rail, which I did. Yesterday, after shifting the printer on my desk, I observed the same symptoms as the OP; growling/grinding noise apparently emanating from the print head during x-axis movement. Upon closer examination, I found the pulley was not fully secured to the rail, and the pulley could be shifted up/down 20 degrees or so; this resulted in the toothed surface of the belt to ride on the edge of the rail, causing the sound. When I removed the pulley assembly, I noted the shape of the captive nut fit the configuration of the rail channel, but only if I aligned the nut PERPENDICULAR to the channel, not parallel. After doing this and re-attaching the pulley assembly, the sound was gone, and the assembly no longer able to shift up and down. This may be a common problem, as the video I referenced is a very popular one. Your mileage may vary.