Hi everyone. I am relatively new to 3D scanning and we purchased an Einscan pro at work to do full body scans. We have had a very difficult time capturing the full human body, not to mention how long it takes to capture even the little that we can (full of holes, frequently loses tracking). Does anyone have enough experience with it to give us advice? We don’t fully understand the brightness feature (is darkness optimal or lightness, is high contrast easier to capture?) Or did we just make the wrong purchase and this machine cannot do what we want. Thank for your help!

Full body scanning can be tricky. We have a lot of experience with this. Some scanners work better than others.

You should contact us directly for more.

Michael at Direct Dimensions

info (at) dirdim.com


Structure scanner works great I have one and it is worth the investment. I have no problem doing body scans in 5 min. or less

Hello Rbirkan,

We are using DSLR array for full body 3D capture. You can reference our website http://www.youcan3d.com

You can also refer to below website for great result of DSLR array at UK: http://ten24.info

The software we are using is photoscan from Agisoft. http://www.agisoft.com

What is the requirement of your 3D scan? Do you need texture with color?

The DSLR array is the best way to do full body scan by now, it can get highest resolution but it cost a lot.

If you can accept the medium resolution you can try 3~4 Kinect from Microsoft with one rotate-stand and using KSCAN software to get medium resolution result.

And there is one mirror can scan your body also (https://naked.fit/) it use 3pcs RealSense from Intel.

I think the result will similar to KSCAN with 3 pcs Kinect from Mircosoft.

By using only one hand hold scanner to scan full body is not the right way by my experience.

Hand hold structure scanner is better for scan things not for human.

Wish you a great day.

Xin Zhao

From Beijing China.


Sorry to hear ypu feel this way. Lighting is very important when doing scans. You should have no shadows and the light must be equal from all sides. Eg, dont scan near a widow. Theere are ways to scan hair, fingers, etc. Scanning is not as easy as point and shoot. You have to understand what you are doing.Try contacting einscan directly for assistance and if you still cannot succeed then it is the scanner. Good luck

Hi Rebekah, I am a little familiar with the Einscan pro. I think this 3D scanner is capable of scanning smaller things in high detail. I don’t know if bigger things like a person will give the required results.

I am working with the Structure Scanner by Occipital. This is an iPad add on which is capable of scanning big things, but with little less detail compared with the Einscan pro. For example, I can scan things as big as a car or even bigger.

You need an iPad 4th gen or newer and the complete bundle ($499). This contains a Windows application “Skanect Pro”. While scanning with your iPad, a stream between you iPad and Windows PC is set up to collect all the input data. Skanect will reconstruct a 3D model by analyzing all the input data. In my opinion the results are great! If it has undetected areas (holes in 3D model), it can close them with the “watertight” functionality.

Kind regards, Erik

Hi Rebekah,

I have to say that Xin Zhao’s comment is very useful. We explored photogrammetry using DSLR cameras and Agisoft - but for us it was going a bit too far away from our core service offering. But right now, if you are serious about capturing full body data, Xin’s method is probably the best.

We are capturing parts of the body (not full body) as well as other medium sized inanimate objects. We chose the FARO Design ScanArm, which has exceptional scan resolution, but requires the item scanned to be extremely still. See attached data we have from scanning a foot.

Hope that helps

James Hawkins

Printing Portal

London, UK

Hi everyone. Thanks for these quick responses!

Ideally we would like to do full body instantaneous scans of people in motion (jumping, falling, etc.) We do not need them to be incredibly high quality, we are mostly interested in achieving scans with correct body proportions. We know this is the most difficult/expensive type of scanning to do and it does seem like people have the best results with rigs of raspberry pies and multiple dslr cameras. However we don’t really have a tech person on staff so even though we know we could build the structure of the rig we are a bit in over our head when it comes to programming. Do you know of anyone in the NY area who would be interested in helping us set one up? We are also just trying to get more into the 3D scanning community in NY so we can have resources and people to reach out to (sorry if it’s weird to ask! We are just so out of our depth and we know there must be NY based people who are excited about 3D scanning).


I looked at Xin Zhao’s website and that is exactly what we are interested in doing! The scans of the dancers are amazing.

Xin Zhao - Do you have any information on how to build that set-up in English? Do you sell pre-built scanners?


Rebekah Birkan

Hello Rebekah,

We are a company focus on 3D photo services and related equipment especially in 3d photos for human body.

If you are interest in purchasing the whole system, parts of them or want to get some consulting about how to build it we can talk in private.

We can provide the turn-key solution with on-site services. Of course it can be in English.

My email address is: zhaoxin@youcan3d.com

Best wishes

Xin Zhao

From Beijing China.