Listed is our DWS XFAB SLA (Laser stereolithography) 3D Printer complete with spare printing tanks, print resin and print handling tools.

The printer is fully functional with exceptional print quality and layer height as small as 10 microns.

Printer comes with;

1x DWS XFAB 2000 3D Printer

1x Grooved Print Platform

4x Vitra 430 (Transparent) Resin Cartridges

4x DWS XFAB Resin Tank RX180

2x Print Removal Tool

2x Nauta for XFAB software licenses (3D Model editor)

2x Fictor for XFAB software licenses (3D Printer controller)

Asking price is $1200


Is this XFAB 2000 still available?


Jason Stiles

Would buy it for 1500 plus shipping

Is this a joke? Price includes shipping