I have a rarely used SLA 3D printer to sell… Just bought 1 year age… Our usage for the project is not apt with the printing size and material types used… And we are using a bigger one… So XFAB is no longer used now…
It’s working with stereolithographic technology. 100% working and 100% trustable.
Shipping from Dubai including the resin trays and few Resin sets for free… (Needy from Middle East are most welcome)
For more details, send enquiries to ajay.metrix@gmail.com

Original Cost is around USD 8,600 (Only for printer)

You can get it for USD 7000 (Negotiable, Shipping charge excluded, small price includes for few Resins and Trays based on discussion)

It is 2017 Model XFAB…
You can find the details on http://dwslab.com/?v=ea8a1a99f6c9

Yes… I think when I bought this one, there was no different types… Only one was available and now in 2018 they updated…
The specifications are same as XFAB 2000