hey guys so I’m looking to get my second printer I want dual extrusion I will be using this to print mech mod ecigs and very detailed figures could anyone point me in the right direction thanks

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Check out QIDI Tech-1 or FlashForge Creator Pro. You could go down in nozzle size to get finer detail if needed. Both reasonably priced.

Around 5000 max

I only own 2 3D printers but I really like my Raise 3D N2 Plus and FormLabs Form 2


Excellent. I think a single nozzle with dual extrusion is a better choice for detailed and quality printing but they are pretty rare, mostly DIY. If you want a streamline dual extruder with two nozzles I would say almost all the brands out there are good but if you are looking for reliability and less maintenance then Ultimaker and Makerbot (and clones) are the brands I have tested and recommend. Both have dual extruders with very well supported software. All the models are very reliable machines, have 4 Makerbot Replicator 2x (beside others) for around 3 years and they have printed over 10 tons of plastic with typical wear of nozzle and needed just lubrication and calibration once in awhile.
But it depends where you are located and what your options are, these are not the best you can find but very generic and easy to fix with tons of mods and data available online.
For 5000 you can go a level higher than FDM for better quality but not sure if you can get something that prints multi-material or multi-color.

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Hey man thanks for the detailed reply so something like the mk2s prusa with the multi material mod would be better

Cheers bud will take a look now

Another possible option is the Prusa MK2 printer with a multi material upgrade. This will require more work to get going since it is a kit but it is working pretty good and can handle up to four colors or materials.

Depending on what you need it may be an option at a reasonable cost.

Make sure you really need it/are going to use it. There are not a ton of pre-made models for it, and more work to create them. I have 3 creator pros and took the extra extruder off all of them.

Leapfrog Creatr is highly accurate, large build area, works with many materials, enclosed, and easy to use. Best of all, fits your budget at $416.20.