Hi, I would like to ask the differences between a Stratasys ($ 25k ) FDM printer and an Ultimaker ($ 3k) FDM printer ?

overall quality of the machine and what it spits out

and support

IMHO, both printer can do the same.

However, the Ultimaker is a smaller printer and you will need to tinker more with it to get the best possible quality.

With the Stratasys, this has already been figured out for you by Stratasys themselves. For that, you pay the higher price of both the printer itself, your filaments.

Having both a Stratasys uPrint and an Ultimaker, the actual difference is actually greater than $22k. Yes, the Stratasys can print rafts and supports that dissolve nicely, but everything related to the printer costs WAY more than it needs to. Also, layer height is worse. Your ongoing costs will be astronomical. If you are tied to FDM I would suggest the Ultimakers, Taz, and any of the other brands that have a good community support base.

I did all of that, then switched to resin and haven’t looked back. :slight_smile: