Hey Guys, I was wondering if there is a demand for full color 3D Printing service that would only cost $.3-$.4 per/cm3? Let me know your thoughts, if there is a demand for it. Thanks.

What resolution and material? How many colors per model? If it could do unicorns then yes!

100 Micron. ABS or PLA. Unlimited colors. Mixing technique. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Got to see a picture or two to know if I am interested or not.

Colors like the picture below.

I can see a use or two. Being a maker I would like to have a printer though.

Hi guys - I just came across this post.

We are seeking a partner to provide multiple unique / one-off / one unit per order full colour (multiple colours per item) 3D prints.

We are seeking a provider that has significant capacity but can also deliver cost effectively. STL files will be provided and we are seeking an ongoing relationship.

I’d be grateful to discuss at a time convenient to you.